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About Us - Bloom Business Solutions

Bloom Business Solutions Group were established in 2008 and have grown steadily year-on-year.  We work collaboratively and our collective wealth of experience is gleaned from the various sectors of business in which we work, complemented by a carefully selected pool of specialists, available and ready to work on your current business project.

Why Use Bloom Business?
We offer an innovative and flexible approach to your business needs, offering precise skills and expertise at the time when your business needs it most. We carefully select the right consultant for each of your projects, matching our skills, knowledge and experience to your project brief.  We are flexible, affordable and a risk free alternative to recruitment and temping agencies.  As independent contractors it is in our interest to work hard for you, sticking to your budgets and respecting your deadlines.

Blooming Good Business
As more and more people become aware of the impact they have on the environment, the need for organisations to demonstrate their eco-credentials has never been greater. We share concern for both the environment and the community in which we operate and endeavour to be ethical in our approach to business by offering socially responsible business solutions to our clients.  We are conscious about the impact our business activity has on the environment and have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint, energy consumption and waste by cutting our travelling, recycling, buying fair trade and supporting local businesses by buying locally.   The majority of our work is now carried out remotely over email, the internet and telephone.  Cutting out wasteful and costly commuting time means we are highly efficient and productive in getting your work done, to the highest possible standard, fast. Take a look at our environment policy.

Our Mission
Bloom Business believe that flourishing business communities can support and enhance the environments in which they operate, in fact blooming good businesses can help create blooming good communities and environments too.   Bloom, as a proud Yorkshire business, located in the industrial foothills of West Yorkshire have seen this in action and since locating to our offices in the mill town of Sowerby Bridge, we have been part of an urban renaissance and rejuvenation that has seen the derelict mills and polluted wastelands of past industry revived into thriving, blossoming, living and working communities - a great deal has been done but there is still a great deal more to do...

Our Causes
Butterfly Conservation UK and WWF Adopt a Tiger Campaign are causes we have chosen to support that are close to our hearts. 

Since butterflies are a company emblem, symbolising the growth, change and transformation we work hard to achieve in business, we naturally became keen supporters of Butterfly Conservation UK who work to conserve butterflies, moths and their delicate habitats, ensuring that these wonderful creatures remain a part of our British summertime. Drastic declines in British butterfly populations make them Britain's most threatened wildlife group and signal an increasingly unhealthy environment. To help take positive action on a local level, we have planted dozens of trees and thousands of flowering bulbs, created woodland habitats and scattered millions of meadow wildflower seeds to both improve our natural environment and encourage butterflies, other important insects and wildlife species back into our local landscapes.

We have also recently adopted a Bengal Tiger, supporting WWF in protecting these magnificent creatures from extinction and to help them tackle some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our world today.  Thankfully, our adopted tiger, Kamrita, doesn't reside with us at Bloom HQ but instead prefers to stay in her native homeland of the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal where she is a wonderful mother taking care of her two tiger cubs.


A rare sighting of our adopted tiger Kamrita as she patrolled her territory late one night in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

A flexible & reliable resource powering sustainable business!
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