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  Bloom Business Solutions
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Bloom Business aim to provide a holistic approach to your business by offering specialist integrated services in finance and marketing.

Bloom Finance specialise in accountancy, financial control and technical project work whilst Bloom Marketing can assist you in the formation and development of your marketing strategy and the execution of your communications campaigns.

Bloom can offer busy finance or marketing departments expert support, advice and assistance for busy periods, resource gaps or for a particular project or provide a viable outsourced finance or marketing function for your business.

We are well connected in the business community and have formed valuable networks and partnerships with IT, Human Resource, Management and Legal professionals to provide our clients with a reliable and efficient solution to many of the business problems they may encounter.

We work with businesses of all sizes and can offer assistance and support packages to organisations at whatever stage they are at in their business cycle. We can help with initial investment, planning and strategy from business inception through to strategy, plans and finance for business development and growth that may also include possible mergers and acquisitions. We can also assist with the selling, divesting or winding-up of your business.

Complementing & completing your team!
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